Interview Morganna Magee

“Good photography has the power to alter peoples opinions like nothing else can.”

Name: Morganna Magee
Hometown: Melbourne Australia
Style of Photography: Documentary
Type of Camera: Nikon f90x
Website: Flickr

What gives you inspiration?

I am inspired by the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Every person we pass on the street has a story that is worthy of documentation, every person has a supreme joy and a devastating tragedy to tell. I never shoot strangers, I need to form a relationship with someone so i can feel comfortable enough to shoot. I am inspired to take my camera into places my viewers my otherwise never see.

What are your influences?

I have always been fixated on pictures, be they photos or drawings in a comic. Although I take great inspiration from many artists, I find their influence lies more in the way I see the wold rather than a direct aesthetic similarity. Photo documentarians like Diane Arbus and Josef Koudelka have a heavy impact on my work, but so do Caravaggio and Goya amongst many.

Why did you choose these photos?

I chose these photos as I think they portray a sense of intimacy which is what I ultimately aim for in my work. I tend towards obsession with my subjects- when I am in the midst of shooting a series all I can think about is “how can I show the viewer what is is this person makes me feel?” If someone feels they have learned something about my subjects after looking at my images- I have done well.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a powerfull medium, not to be abused by fools. I genuinely believe good photography has the power to alter peoples opinions like nothing else can.


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