Interview Nemanja Knežević

In some way photography is an escape from reality.

Name: Nemanja Knežević
Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia
Style of Photography: Street photography
Type of Camera: Various 35mm analogue cameras
Website: Flickr,

What gives you inspiration?

Ordinary things in everyday life that you can see when you’re outside shooting or just roaming. There are plenty of small gestures, scenes and emotions outside, that are crawling around us, and that we often cannot see because we are on the run. Music also gives me a huge amount of inspiration.

What are your influences?

In the photography field my influences are as various as they can be, starting from great Magnum photographers and ending with Boogie, Amy Stein, Peter Sutherland and others. In addition, I’m receiving a lot of influences from movies and books.

Why did you choose these photos?

It’s really hard to choose between your own photos, and I feel uncomfortable every time when I have to make that decision. I choose these photos first because I like them, and after that, because I’m somehow connected to the moment of their creation. Of course, I don’t like all my photos equally, and for me these four photos have a little bit stronger impact than the others I’ve submitted.

What does photography mean to you?

In some way photography is an escape from reality, like when you just take your camera, forget about everything else, go outside and start noticing things in different way than usually. When you came to point to constantly notice things in this way, you’ll know it’s a priceless. Every frame you take, and every scene you save on film or on memory card is unique and that’s one more reason why I love photography.


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