Interview Aleksandar Hrib

Photography means a parallel life to me.

Name: Aleksandar Hrib
Hometown: Pancevo, Serbia
Style of Photography: It depends on moment and passion. 100% Analog.
Type of Cameras: I am using only analog film cameras. I said to myself that I will never use digital cameras because that killed the photography. Sometimes I think photography and the world would be much nicer if they had never invented digital technology. I have several film cameras – the best and my favorite one is Olympus OM1. Beside that one I have Praktica MTL3 and MTL5 and Zenit E but I am always searching for a new ones.
Websites: Flickr

What gives you inspiration?

It’s hard to say what gives me inspiration and avoid the answer everything. I suppose that’s reality from a different side. People around me. Love. Emotions. Sometimes that’s not real, different fillings and strange thoughts. Something from inside.

What are your influences?

Different people, artists, friends… I will not talk about the names. Names are not important. And it is too hard to write a few of them. But they are all here to helping me and to inspire me.

Why did you choose these photos?

The photos are me and I am them.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography means a parallel life to me. Escape from reality. Way of putting myself out of everyday’s fast and hard life. It gives me a few moments of peace, slowness and silence that I miss in this world. It helps me to connect myself with the world in different way.

It helps me to survive.
It makes me happy and smile.
It gives me inspiration for life.


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