Interview Adam Kremer

Photography is my thought process.

Name: Adam Kremer
Hometown: Currently living in Brisbane Australia
Style of photography: I naturally lean towards the more contemporary visual. I focus on man made and natural landscapes. I’m always looking to capture strong lines and their relationship with light. Right now I’m currently doing a lot of night shooting with long exposures.
Type of camera(s): Mamiya M645 and Hasselblad 500 c/m. I’m all about medium format. I use Fujifilm Pro 160s and Kodak Portra NC films.
Website: Flickr &

What gives you inspiration?

Wide open spaces, lines, light (natural or otherwise) or lack of light, the marriage of man with nature and wandering for hours in search of images. I like to set out by bus with a camera and film to search for new locations and images. I make notes of every possible image I see along my travels in hope of revisiting every point. I find myself being very inspired by unfamiliar details and spaces that I encounter while searching areas and situations that are outside of my everyday life.

What are your influences?

Photographers that I love and have taught me through their images are Sander Meisner, Fabien Seguin, Mando Alvarez, Kevin Cooley and Rasmus Norlander. I’m also strongly influenced architecture, especially by all the great minimalist architectural photography that I’ve been seeing and European minimalist architecture.

Why did you choose these photos?

I chose these four photos because I feel that they sum up the work that I’m putting out at the moment. I am currently publishing a book of my photographic work which will include these images.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my thought process. I’m finding my photographic approach becoming more and more thorough every day. It’s causing me to slow down and ponder every detail that I encounter.


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