November – January 2009/2010

Interview Laura Gommans

Photography is my favorite way of expressing myself.

Interview Michael Donahue

Photography makes me look at the world in a completely different way.

Interview Jane Stockdale

To me photography is the best way to communicate a feeling and make people stop and think.

Interview Gabor Klima

My whole life is about photography.

Interview Robert Hildebrand

The reason why I like to take photos is simply that I love the feeling associated with a photograph.

Interview Anna Shelton

Photography has added a profound dimension to what I see and experience.

Interview Anna Giulia Gregori

I need photography to read situations, moods and reality.

Interview Delaney Allen

Photography is my take on the world.

Interview Zsofia Szonja Illes

Photography is something I can do how I want it or in the way I want it.

Interview Iván Sanjuán

I use photography to get to know people a little better, and myself too.

Interview Martina Giammaria

It’s hard to find a unique style.

Interview Antje Schley

You have a look at your photos and it’s like a time machine.

Interview Martijn Savenije

Photography is a way of making sense of things, putting everything in perspective.

Interview Corinna Vernet

Photography represents everything that I am.

Interview Sarah Palmer

It was the romance that initially drew me to photography.

Interview Franco Monari

To be honest, I never thought about it before now.

Interview Annette Pehrsson

Photography is a way of life and for me it’s especially about creating memories.

Interview Babette de Jong

Photography for me basically is a way to quiet the restless beast called Urgency.

Interview David Power

I sometimes have a problem with the word photograph being attached to my work.

Interview Emma Llensa Fita

Photography is the way I can understand my own world.

Interview Ryan Thomas Kenny

Photography is my creative outlet which keeps me out of possible trouble.

Interview Tamas Pall

Photography makes me able to record the fragments of my unconscious.

Interview Aleksandar Hrib

Photography means a parallel life to me.

Interview Max Hamilton

I never quite know what will inspire me until I see it.

Interview Melanie Meißner

One picture can bring reality, surreality, emotions and thoughts together.

Interview Jeff Luker

Being around other artists helps you understand your own work better.

Interview Sander Meisner

Photography is a creative outlet as well as a relaxing almost meditative thing.

Interview Oscar Jacobsson

Photography is a way of expressing yourself with light!

Interview Allie Mount

Photography is a language.

Interview Misho Antadze

Photography is my way of saying “I was there, I saw it and now it’s here to stay”.

Interview Pierluigi Riccio

A pic a day takes the doctor away.

Interview Gastón Torres

Photography is like reality getting ready for a fancy dress party.

Interview Kimm Whiskie

The smart one is not the one who reads books, but the one who writes them.

Interview Patrick Carpentier

C’est une forme d’écriture. – Photography is a form of writing.

Interview Matthijs Uivel

Photography is the craft of framing.

Interview Anthony Smith

There are no rules, no right or wrong.