Interview Charles Mamarot

Photography is the most surrealistic representation of real life and people.

Name: Charles Mamarot
Hometown: Paris. France
Style of photography: Revelations of cinematographic moments, places and people.
Type of camera(s): I started photography with a nokia phone… Now I use a Leica M6, a Nikon FM2, a Pentax 67 and a Fuji GW 690 II, with a slight preference for the FM2, because it has served me well.

What gives you inspiration?

I do have a hard time taking pictures “only” by observation. Most of my pictures come from special moments in special places. I find myself somewhere – it can be in another country or city, but also in my own kitchen – , alone or with someone, and it’s like the picture I’m about to take is already there, at that pecise moment. It is horribly frustrating if I don’t have my camera with me then. Although I find it even more frustrating carrying a camera around…

What are your influences?

I grew up in front of a television, watching movies from the 50’s and 60’s with my dad. After that, I build my own cinematheque, from Spielberg, Scorcese, Coppolla and, of course, Kubrick. Cinema is probably my biggest influence. Next one is definitely paintings and drawings. I drew all my life, because I wanted to do cartoons or comic books. By growing up I studied painting and got interested in light and ambiance, especially from Dutch painters from the 17th century that I would never remember the names. But most of the great paintings definitely influence my composition and choice of colors.

Why did you choose these photos?

I chose the pictures that suprise and impress me the most in my portfolio.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is the most surrealistic representation of real life and people. The picture of a cup of tea on a table can boost your imagination, make you travel in space and time, remind you of your childhood, of someone you love, etc.. but it is, still, just the picture of a cup of tea on a table.


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