Interview Ludmilla Cerveny

Photography is a way to know people.

Name: Ludmilla Cerveny
Hometown: Nancy, France.
Style of photography: Humanistic.
Type of camera(s): Sylver camera (Olympus OM10)

What gives you inspiration?

My inspiration comes from people, in a specific situation; my experiment is based on the complexity of human psychology and its interaction with the rest of the world. Inspiration is not predictable and it is not random either.
I watch a lot of picture website, paper printed issues and books. I want variety, trust, real things, raw material but relevant and pleasant.

What are your influences?

I have a lot of influences: Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, more recent Jackson Eaton, Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur and Sophia Wallace.

Why did you choose these photos?

I wanted to present pictures that I haven’t shown a lot, but which represent my work in a certain way. I chose some pictures I took at a party, with some friends I met on the internet. I wanted to show the host girl’s face and her stuff. It’s about intimacy, reality and psychology.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a way to know people.


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