Interview Tata Vislevskaya

If my heart is skillfully to tell, it would speak with the photos I take.

Name: Tata Vislevskaya
Hometown: Moscow, Russia.
Style of photography: Wild nature experience
Type of camera(s): Hasselblad 500CM, Kiev-88

What gives you inspiration?

My strongest inspirations are traveling to wild nature, cinema and my dreams. The sensation of being in different places on the world gives me incredible power. There is no stronger feeling than to look at a mountain face to face and see all its cracks and structure. It is the Universe. The mysticism in daily occurrence is very important for me and I see it since my childhood.

What are your influences?

There isn’t a photographer who has influenced me. I was much more influenced by Andrey Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman’s movies. I like to dream about places. But daily I’m influenced by light. It really changes all around you. Stalin architecture in Moscow also has a very strong influence on me.

Why did you choose these photos?

These photos are very intuitive so I love it. Japan, Switzerland, Iceland and Russia. Four important countries for me.

What does photography mean to you?

If my heart is skillfully to tell, it would speak with the photos I take. All my emotions, experiences, conditions and feelings are in my pictures. Photography is the most true self-knowledge, possibility to learn other times and other spaces.


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