Interview Łukasz Biederman

Photography is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing deepest feelings.

Name: Łukasz Biederman
Hometown: Wrocław, Poland
Style of photography: Documentary
Type of camera(s): Hasselblad 500C/M, Mamiya 645Pro, Mamiya 7II, Holga 120CFN.
Website: and Flickr.

What gives you inspiration?

My basic inspiration comes from the photographs I watch every day. Of course many different sorts of art are stimulating too. Music, paintings, comic books, all that stuff makes me much more responsive to the world. But my very private inspiration is the surreal world of dreams. There was a time, when I was so fascinated with dreams, that I tried to note them down just when I woke up. Nowadays I try to take pictures of the real places, people or things, which somehow remind me of the surreal world of these sleepy memories.

What are your influences?

There certainly is a great number of photographers whom I appreciate. I wouldn’t like to name exact authors, but for sure the image of all their works together helps me to create my own style of seeing the world. Definitely all these pictures leave a trace of beauty in my mind. I do not mean the beauty in this common, happy, bright and colorful sense. The focal point of my photographic interest very often rests upon the images of the dull and solitary places. Many of my memories come from the time of the real socialism in Poland, where I was brought up. It influenced my perception of the cityscape and today I really love taking pictures of the grey, sad and very often absurd remains of these times. They take me mentally back to the world of my childhood, to the places which twenty years ago, before the system transformation, looked completely different.

Why did you choose these photos?

I think these photos are good examples of what is my way of comprehending reality. I like these works particularly because I think they do not narrate in an obvious way and they rather pose questions than give answers. Viewing such an image gives the onlooker s the possibility of creating their own story.

What does photography mean to you?

As for me photography is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing deepest feelings.


Copyright reserved by Lukasz Biederman