Interview Matthew Coleman

Photography helps me move around in the world with my eyes wide open.

Name: Matthew Coleman
Hometown: Born in Brighton, though have been living in London for the past nine years.
Style of photography: Travel, landscape, documentary, portrait.
Type of camera(s): Nikon F90x, SLR 35mm film.
Website: &

What gives you inspiration?

The world around me is what inspires me. Everything is simply teeming all around us every moment of our lives, it really is. All it takes is for one to be open, to be aware (which is the most important thing). When out with a camera my eyes go searching, hunting; looking for colour, for little moments that shimmer across my path.

What are your influences?

I cannot really pin point who influences me. I admire many photographers, artists and writers (from Alec Soth, Nadav Kander, Eggleston, Picasso, Matisse, Herman Hesse, Nabokov, Anais Nin and Henry Miller), though, in regards to a direct, concrete influence, I cannot consciously say.

Why did you choose these photos?

I choose these photographs as they hold the power to trigger off memories from the moments when they were taken. They also bring an immense smile across my face, each in their own individual way. They seem to be charged with electricity, which goes off inside me when I see them.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography helps me remember, to freeze those bursts, those scenes that collide before one’s own eyes. It helps me move around in the world with my eyes wide open; to be aware, conscious. It fills me with excitement every time I get a new roll developed, like the feeling of a child at Christmas, about to unwrap the presents, to gaze at the forms held within them.


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