Interview Johnathon Kelso

I get to exchange life with the people that I photograph.

Name: Johnathon Kelso
Hometown: Niceville, Florida
Style of photography: Unknown
Type of camera(s): Pentax 67ii, Contax G2

What gives you inspiration?

The Lord.

What are your influences?

I was dating a girl when I first started making pictures and she influenced how I shoot quite a bit – Her name was Mary and she lived in Memphis; the city that rounded out exactly what I want to be shooting.
Eggleston was a name you heard living in Memphis, there was no getting around that. So soon after I started to photograph I bought a postcard with a picture of his on it and hung it in my room. It would be lying if I said he had no influence on how I shoot today.

Why did you choose these photos?

Producing a body of work as a cohesive unit is something entirely new to me.
These photographs however, are half from a series I just finished and half from a series I’m currently working on. It’s very exciting for me to start these projects and remain with them.

What does photography mean to you?

I get to exchange life with the people that I photograph and I like that part.


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