Interview Martin Wunderwald

It helps me to order my chaotic thoughts in a visual way.

Name: Martin Wunderwald
Hometown: Dresden, Germany
Style of photography: Architecture, Stillife
Type of camera(s): Medium format: Hasselblad 500 C/M, Seagull. 35mm: Nikon F90X
Website: I am working on it, until release: Flickr

What gives you inspiration?

All inspiration comes from the inside. I find and feel complexity in apperently lifeless objects and situations. And I love it to bring them to life, this means I am a huge fan of anthropomorphism. I want to attach importance and beauty to the things I photograph by embedding them into the stable medium format. 

What are your influences?

Since I photograph what I feel, I don’t see myself influenced by any other photographer. For me, photography is more about the process than the outcome. I am easy to impress with photographic quality and simple but strong motives.  

Why did you choose these photos? 

I have chosen a photo from Iceland, because thats where I felt in love with photography. The chronological second photo are the ballet dancers which shows the emotional power of photography that impresses me so often. The pillow with morning light stands for my personal conflict between concrete, stable square format and emotions that I try to express. The latest photograph is from a series that I call “containment” and represents the power of imagination and anthropomorphism.

What does photography mean to you?

My photography basically is the expression of what I can not express with words. It helps me to order my chaotic thoughts in a visual way. The time freezing aspect of photography stops my world from turning which helps me to calm down. 


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