Interview Hudson Hayden

It’s an uphill battle to be original these days.

Name: Hudson Hayden
Hometown: Toronto
Style of photography: Romantic realism. 
Type of camera(s): Mamiya 7, Hasselblad, Olympus XA

What gives you inspiration?

Sontag’s On Photography.  

What are your influences?

Stock photography.
Why did you choose these photos? 

They best illustrate a photograph’s ability to signify.  I like the idea that I can direct a viewer’s connotation of an image- it makes me feel like a hypnotist.  
What does photography mean to you?

Like so many things: very easy to do, very difficult to do well and a middle ground as broad as Flickr itself (I’m on Flickr too).  It’s an uphill battle to be original these days.  I’m curious to see where it will all lead.  


Copyright reserved by Hudson Hayden