Interview Frederik Buyckx

“It’s a way of getting out of the controlled society where we live in everyday.”

Name: Frederik Buyckx
Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium
Style of photography: Documentary
Type of camera(s): Canon Eos 5D mark 2

What gives you inspiration?

I like to just hop on a plane to a country I have never been and kind of let faith decide where I’ll end up. You always meet interesting people or encounter situations you never could have imagined. For me it’s a way of getting out of the controlled society where we live in everyday and get lost in a complete different world. Those moments and those places give me inspiration. And if I’m home, I watch as much as possible documentaries on National Geographic and think about where I should go next.

What are your influences?

I didn’t knew any photographers when I started photographing because I just started to make pictures while I was traveling, not because I wanted to become a photographer. The last 4 years I’m trying to go more to museums or galleries and get to know more work of other photographers. I’m mostly attracted to the work of some of the Magnum photographers.

Why did you choose these photos?
These 4 photos are from my latest project ‘Moving Albania’. I made the project because I wanted to show other people this amazing country and dissolve a bit of its bad reputation.

What does photography mean to you?

It’s a way of showing other people what I think is interesting, I want to give them the opportunity to see what I have seen. And for myself it’s just an amazing way to meet people, discover places…


Copyright reserved by Frederik Buyckx