Interview Vincent Bezuidenhout

“I revel in the fact that the medium of photography is such a contradiction.”

Name: Vincent Bezuidenhout
Hometown: Bloemfontein, South Africa
Style of photography: Impassive observation
Type of camera(s): It ranges from my Sinar 8×10 to my phone and everything else in between.

What gives you inspiration? 

Seeing something I have not seen before; seeing something in a way I have not thought of before; a new understanding of something I have seen many times before.

What are your influences? 

The greatest effect on my process, development and behavior as an artist has come from fellow artists and teachers, mentors, family and friends and the few out there who are not afraid.

Why did you choose these photos? 

I find the life of images interesting, especially how some images only become important at a later stage. I chose these images as I have found them to increase in complexity as time has passed, and through this notion they have increased in importance to me in my practice. 

What does photography mean to you? 

I revel in the fact that the medium of photography is such a contradiction. It is infuriatingly problematic as a visual medium where ambiguities in regards to truth, reality and objectivity abound, yet it’s ubiquity has led to a familiarity that aids us in making sense of the world around us. Interestingly, it is these contradictions that allow me to wander freely.


Copyright reserved by Vincent Bezuidenhout