Interview with Tobias Faisst

“Through photography I can reach a special state of awareness.”

Name: Tobias Faisst
Hometown: Berlin
Style of photography: Architecture, Still Life, Street, Landscape
Type of camera(s): Nikon D60, Sometimes I use old analog cameras such as exa 1c and rollei LED
Website: Facebook & Tumblr & Behance

What gives you inspiration?

Everything has potential, so I can’t say directly what inspires me explicitly. As a creating creative I try to accept the properties of a sponge. Record and store content and deliver those if required. Much of my inspiration I gain from a general interest in everything that surrounds me.

What are your influences?

I grew up in a small village in the Black Forest, and I think that a lot of my experiences from this period are included in my work. In addition the Hip Hop culture and graffiti has influenced me.
In general, l have a strong interest for the eccentric and people which fall out of  the frame in a sympathetic way.

Why did you choose these photos? 

These images show my area of current interests very well. The interface between photography and sculpture.  In addition, one sees little allusions to the Bechers or Christo and Jeanne Claude whose work I like very much.
One can see here very well the changes in the perception of an object in relation to the size, shape and location especially by combining actually different things with similarities in shape. Art puts me often in the mundane or everyday and that’s what I’m trying to illustrate, among other things in this series.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is based a lot on the phylosphie of mindfulness. Through photography I can reach a special state of awareness, as I place the focus on my visual sense. In this way Im able to relax and take distance from everyday life. On the other hand, I am a curious human being and like to explore my surroundings. I got this opinion that everybody sees things a little bit different, with photography I have the opportunity to make my particular point of view visible.
So I can inspire people and show them things they might not see.

Photos: © Tobias Faisst